Our Story
A couple of enthusiastic rider to guide you

Sara and Pierre have always been driven by a shared enthusiasm for the mountains.

For Pierre this passion has become his life-long profession.  He has been a mountain guide for almost 40 years, tirelessly guiding his clients, summer and winter, up the greatest rock climbs and highest summits of Europe and the Americas. His life’s work has been to help his clients manage their efforts and overcome their difficulties as serenely as possible and all the while maintain the cohesion of the group. He has years of experience organizing tours and trips, and his extensive knowledge of the many faces of the mountains is one of his greatest assets. He knows all the roads in the Pyrenees—on the French side and the Spanish side—like the back of his hands. So if the weather’s bad on the French side he knows where to go looking for the sun on the other side!our story

Sara is Italian. Like Pierre, she is a great sportswoman! She’s an accomplished climber and  mountaineer, but she’s also a highly-regarded specialist in food technology. She has done a lot of work welcoming tourists in the mountains where all her skills and qualities can express themselves to the full. She loves personally preparing meals for her guests, skilfully combining the best of Italian cooking and the special requirements of the sportswoman and sportsman.

They live in the Pyrenees, in the valley below the col d’Aubisque, and cycling up mountain cols is another facet of their love for the mountain environment, a great link between different seasons. For a long time now, riding up the great mountain cols is a regular component of their training for high altitude but above all they enjoy being up in the mountains which is one of their overriding motivations when they get their bikes out!

COL CYCLING ADDICTION was founded because they wanted to share their experience of the mountains and provide cycling enthusiasts with an opportunity to measure up to the great iconic cols which have made the legend of the Tour de France. With their expertise in hosting and organizing sports trips and expeditions, and with their vast knowledge of both sides of the Pyrenees, they can guarantee that CCA will help you not only ride up the “giants” but also discover another face of these enchanting mountains and see little-known gems, explore wild and exceptionally beautiful roads and routes, far from the madding crowd.

Sara and Pierre both have a gift for languages. They speak fluent English, Italian, Spanish and of course French. So you can speak your own language with them, and good humour and conviviality are one of their characteristics! Their professional organization will be one of the assets which will help you meet your challenges. Come and see us: we look forward to meeting you, making you feel welcome and doing everything we can to make your tour a success. All that is left for you is to get on your bikes and ride!